First Impressions

We arrive bone tired a weary around noon on May 1st. Growing up in America I knew that there where places where people lived in huts and sold things on the street for a living. But it hits you differently when you see it for yourself. There is a lot of trash on the side of the streets, and little stray dogs wondering everywhere. Nicaragua is the poorest country in South America besides Haiti, but it is also the happiest

The driving is crazy, but effective. It took us about 3 hours to get to the hotel that we were to stay at. After setting our stuff down we found our way to the beach. we ended the night with a authentic Italian meal from the couple that own the hostel.


Taking Off

There’s something exciting about a plane take off. It’s thrilling as it starts to build up speed. Then a kind of terror passes through you as the wheels leave the ground, and you realize that you are in a metal contraption flying thousands of feet in the air with your life in the hands of someone you never met. It seems like a fitting way to start off an adventure.

We left Las Vegas Air Port around midnight for people who don’t know the plane is a very difficult place to sleep so when we got to Miami around 6 am most of us decided to take a nap on the floor it wasn’t very comfortable but it was better than the plane. Someone made a comment about us (not very nicely) luckily one of the students was sitting next to him and set him strait; they did take a picture before they left.