The Boat Tour

We got to sleep in a bit our third day here. And then we took a nice walk down the street to meet our tour guides and boats. We split up into the three boats and then headed into the man groves. The man groves while they seem plentiful are actually endangered and very valuable for the environment. Many animals rely on them for camouflage and for their homes. Sadly for us biology students we did not see any snakes or kamen; however we did see a lot of ibyss which is a lovely white bird with yellow feet. We also saw gackles which are black birds that look like crows. Some of the other students saw an iguana or two. I was really happy to get a glimpse of kingfisher, because those are one of my favorite birds.


Suite Up!

Well the suites are not glamorous or very cool, but it beats eating the volcanic ash. And lets be honest none of these pictures are very glamorous with the glistening sweat and red faces. Looking down the side the volcano was pretty intimidating, but once you get going you want to go faster.  At the bottom I had volcanic ash was everywhere up past my ankles inside my pant legs, my mouth, my ears,my hair it even stuck to the the sweat on the back of my neck.

We were allowed to slide down twice, but because so many people were tired after the first round we didn’t get to go a second time.

The View Was Great

I believe the volcano’s name is Cerro Negro. It is a very active volcano but it does not explode with lava instead it spits out sand. This makes it a great place for sand boarding. besides the main crater there are at least 3 other craters created by the explosions that chucked up huge rocks instead of sand. If you move the first layer of sand away from the volcano you can feel the heat coming off of it. Which makes the big fat bees that live on the side of the volcano even cooler. This tells us two things one do not mess with those bees and two there is life everywhere.

While hiking up I was walking next to one of my professors “Do you realize that you are hiking a volcano in the middle of South America?” To be honest I was mostly trying to focus on breathing. But wow, yeah he was right. I had worked so hard to be there, and to travel somewhere out side of my home country, and I had made it.

Volcano Number One

It is our first full day in Nicaragua. It is so hot we only have sheets on you beds and most if not all of us never really used them. The humidity clings to your skin as if it’s life depends upon choking the life out of you. ¬†Luckily the vans have AC, and the drivers kept it on blast the entire time we were there.

Despite having a late night it was rather easy to get up about 5:30 am in order to leave at about 6 ish. The sun likes to rise around 5:00, and I have always found it easier to rise with the sun. We first went to Leon to pick up our guides and our supplies. We then traveled about another hour to make it to the Volcano. The hike was only about a mile long, but with about a 20 pound board on your back and a steep climb it felt like 5. my legs were noodles by the time we got to the top.