The View Was Great

I believe the volcano’s name is Cerro Negro. It is a very active volcano but it does not explode with lava instead it spits out sand. This makes it a great place for sand boarding. besides the main crater there are at least 3 other craters created by the explosions that chucked up huge rocks instead of sand. If you move the first layer of sand away from the volcano you can feel the heat coming off of it. Which makes the big fat bees that live on the side of the volcano even cooler. This tells us two things one do not mess with those bees and two there is life everywhere.

While hiking up I was walking next to one of my professors “Do you realize that you are hiking a volcano in the middle of South America?” To be honest I was mostly trying to focus on breathing. But wow, yeah he was right. I had worked so hard to be there, and to travel somewhere out side of my home country, and I had made it.


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