Come along Chubby Monkey

One the way back from the boat tour we got out of the boats and walked on the roots trees. One of our fellow classmates went off the beaten path and caused a few branches to break. Since we joked that we were acting like monkeys one of the professors called out “Come on chubby monkey.”

The rest of the day was free. So naturally I spent it on the beach. I once again found myself climbing on the rocks with two other students and the drivers. The guys said that there was something cool on the other side of the rocks. I really wanted to go see it, but after slipping and rolling down one of the rocks I decided that that trip wasn’t going to happen. I was a bit jealous when the professors and everyone else was able to climb right over the slippery rocks. Those volcanic rocks can certainly rip up a knee…and an elbow…and a bit on the foot. but it was fun!!